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A number of elements and attributes are deprecated in HTML 4.0 as an indication that other methods of accomplishing the same task are preferred. Deprecated features may become obsolete in future versions of HTML, though browsers that support the features will likely continue to support them. Deprecated features are included in HTML 4.0 Transitional and HTML 4.0 Frameset but not HTML 4.0 Strict.

Many presentational elements and attributes are deprecated in favor of style sheets, which allow authors to suggest a presentation with more flexibility and without sacrificing accessibility. Presentational attributes that cannot currently be replaced with style sheets are in most cases not deprecated.

The following elements are deprecated in favor of style sheets:

  • BASEFONT - Base font change
  • CENTER - Centered block
  • FONT - Font change
  • S - Strike-through text
  • STRIKE - Strike-through text
  • U - Underlined text

The following elements are also deprecated:

  • APPLET - Java applet (deprecated in favor of OBJECT)
  • DIR - Directory list (deprecated in favor of UL)
  • ISINDEX - Input prompt (deprecated in favor of INPUT)
  • MENU - Menu list (deprecated in favor of UL)

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