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-- Internet Marketing -- is focused on your business succeeding on the Internet. In order for you to truly get the most from your website, it is extremely important to help promote it. Our Internet Marketing services are designed to help you conquer the Internet and make your website work for you.

Our mix of services and our Proven 5 Step Process will help you get the results you want at rates you will love. offers the following Internet Marketing services to its clients:

• E Newsletters 

• Banner Design 

• Link Popularity 

• Our Process 

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-- E Newsletters --

We can create weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or event driven e-newsletters. Online newsletters are an effective tool that give your members or prospects value-added information based on what they have told you and foster ongoing, regular communication between you and your clients. A properly executed e-newsletter helps to generate leads, increase sales and bolster the credibility of your company.

Your clients will know you are listening and respond more favorably to your offers and specials when you provide "relevant" and "personalized" information. We will help you to tailor your information in an engaging way designed to increase business. Our e-newsletter service includes graphics, copy-editing, and rewording and sending out the actual newsletters to the email addresses that you specify.

We know that you want to keep YOUR customers yours. We will never resell your email address list.

-- Banner Design --

Allow us to custom-design advertising banners, either static, animated, or interactive (HTML, Javascript, etc.), developed using proven design principles, to attract more visitors to your website.

What distinguishes our work from many other offers? The answer is simple and clear - we design CUSTOM banners according to your requests and what is important we never use templates. We develop banners taking into account your audience, your target group, banners that attract traffic!

-- Link Popularity --

In the eyes of search engines, the more other websites point or link to your website, the more popular your website is viewed as. We believe popularity criteria is the hardest to achieve. If you let us do the content, the popularity criteria is resolved. Basically that's how branding is achieved. We will also look to see who is linking to your competition (here is where competitive analysis helps) and we will ask them to link to you too. We will do it the right way.

By building links, you can help improve how well your pages do in link analysis systems. The key is understanding that link analysis is not about "popularity." In other words, it's not an issue of getting lots of links from anywhere. Instead, you want links from good web pages that are related to the topics you want to be found for. That is why we always build a "Links" page for your website and approach other websites in order to get you listed on their sites. This will help drive traffic from their sites and also improve your standings in search engines.

-- Our Process --

Step 1: RESEARCH  We seek to engage and involve your clients, prospects, partners and employees in a community built around your business. The first step is an evaluation of your business and your marketing efforts to date, including an analysis of your Internet efforts.

Step 2: ANALYSIS We learn what your clients, prospects, partners, and employees want from you. We tell you precisely how people are using the Internet to find products and services related to your business.

Step 3: DEVELOPMENT   We develop media and web applications to provide your clients, employees, partners and prospects what they are already searching for online.

Step 4: PLACEMENT We ensure that your message is seen, and measure its effectiveness going forward.

Step 5: PARTNERSHIP seeks to become your long-term partner and counselor, reacting to your needs with solid advice and project implementation. We offer a full range of services today, and will evolve with your business going forward.

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