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-- Banner Rotation Script --

Here is a great little script for rotating banners throughout your website. The code in the text box below can be copied and pasted into a simple text editor and saved, as is, as banner.js. Within this code you will notice that it is set up with three banners, each linked to a different url. You can have as many ads in this simple rotator as you wish, just add them following the same format as the ones shown. Also, ensure you change the var ad_count number from 3 to however many ads you have in the rotation.

Copy and Paste the script in the Textbox Below!

Below is the simple javascript include script that you would place on any of your webpages that you want the banners to appear. Once this script is on your pages, all you need to do is modify the banner.js file that you created above, and those changes will be automatically effective on every page that the include script is on.

Copy and Paste the script in the Textbox Below in the body tag of your page!